Rob, as most people call him, grew up in San Jose, CA watching Saturday morning cartoons and playing video games. His interest in comics by Marvel, DC and Image were sparked in Junior High School and are still a huge part of his life as an engineer, husband and co-founder of Toy Stars. Rob’s talent for customizing toys and passion for collectibles has brought great success to the team.


While born in Oak Harbor, WA, Jeff has actually spent most of his life here in San Diego. Happily married with a charming three year old daughter and a full time career, Jeff credits his drive for toy collecting to his typical ‘80’s childhood. However, it wasn’t until after college that his desire for collecting Transformers and Gundams was raised, when a childhood friend gave him an old 1986 Transformer toy named Jetfire. This founding member’s nostalgia for toys is something shared by the staff, and fans of Toy Stars alike.


Manny's love for toys started as a child growing up in Japan in the mid 70's while his dad was in the Military. Manny's family moved down to San Diego and Star Wars was just released in theaters and he instantly became a fan. Today Manny is happily married with two daughters and runs his own DJ business Sound Illusions. Manny shares his time attending many of the local toy and comic events, SwapMeets, Flea Markets and Garage sales in hopes to find that missing toy he always wanted as a child. As a founding member of Toy Stars, Manny enjoys meeting and talking to people who share the same passion.


As a child of the ‘80’s, Toy Stars co-founder, Ryan, grew up in Oxnard, CA with a deep affinity for Transformers. This passion has expanded over the years, leaving Ryan a devoted reader of Marvel Comics, collector of Marvel Legends, and a fan of all things Iron Man and Deadpool. When he’s not actively participating in toy line message boards, Ryan is a Program Manager who enjoys spending time with family and friends, rock climbing, and advancing his lifelong passion as a student of martial arts.


Born and raised in San Diego, Grely grew up watching ‘80's Saturday morning cartoons, every giant robot show, and WWF! His love for Legos, Transformers, Hot Wheels, and action figures led him to the comic convention scene, where Grely built a majority of his toy collection. He’s currently hooked on the Lego Speed Champions Series and building its Formula One kits, along with collecting die cast vehicles which feature MotoGP motorcycles and Auto Art replicas.Grely’s passion for toys and ability to connect with the collector community is a true reflection of what TSC represents.


So-Cal girl, Tiff, was a typical ‘80’s tomboy kid who loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Many years later she married co-founding TSC member, Rob, and was swept into the fun, creative, and nostalgic world of toy collecting and customizing. Her favorite part of prepping for TSC shows is brainstorming and building the toy dioramas. Tiff’s aloha spirit and communication skills have been a great addition to the TSC team.

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